March 26, 2018

Every push is a call, A call to new adventure new discoveries and new challenges. Whether we like it or not, there is always a push every moment in our lives. At times we recognise the calls and some times we don’t. At times we may feel that something happened to us accidentally.

A year back, I too felt I accidentally heard about I AM A TEACHER. Today a year has gone by. And now I believe it was no Accident. It truly had a purpose and it has transformed me as a person and the way I look at things and situations. At I Am A Teacher I got a glimpse to understand and unravel the mysteries and intricacies of discovering about the Self. Its a journey towards the core of existence which is knowledge and this journey has just begun. The year in I Am A Teacher was a preparation for this journey.


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I was pushed towards a vision of looking at Education as a means of unveiling knowledge within children during their early and crucial years of life. We together believed that It not only impacts an individual child but also changes the whole spectrum of generations and goes a long way towards nation building.

We keep hearing a phrase “It takes a village to raise a child”, the converse is also that a child can also raise a village, a city, a country, raise the world towards higher evolution. For examples, the philosophers and thinkers like Shree Auribindo , who worked, influenced and transformed the way we look at education. Every beautiful mind goes and contributes towards higher evolution. Therefore, there is a need to create an environment of facilitating this evolution rather than stifling it. Einstein did not speak a word till the age of 3. Had he been labeled as a slow child , he would have never ever been able to contribute the way he did.

With this Vision in our hearts, we began a year back towards this task of reorienting our minds. There were apprehensions about will just one year train us for such an important task, will we fit anywhere in education space, Are we really cut out for this.


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However, there was immense faith in self , support and push from our mentors and the belief the fact that this approach of invoking learning and wisdom was definitely the most important need of the hour, we hung on to the course, tackled all kinds of misapprehensions, worked around various obstacles, found our way through various human emotions both at home and at school, faced challenges and conflicts, absorbed ideas that were very new , learnt to accept perspectives and finally we are standing strong here at the end of the course.

I always believed that if you want to swim you need to jump into the water. I was happy to see the same experiential philosophy being shared where along with having a course lessons we were pushed into real classrooms where we emerged with our own learning. We learnt to learn by directly experiencing it.

Daily experiences with children in the real classroom and continuous interaction and feedback with educators has empowered me to perceive learning in a different way. I now am able to appreciate my own thoughts, I am able to accept my family and my child’s perspectives and mould into an environment that is more towards exploring ideas and a better fulfilment of life.

One of the most important thing that I look forward post I Am A Teacher is to continue the quest to keep discovering this this push to explore our interactions with the universe that I have created around me. Before even being a facilitator or an educator, I would push myself to be a learner. Hope that this learning is an on going continuous push for many many lifetimes.

I thank you all form the core of my heart for “THAT LITTLE PUSH” which has altered the course of my being


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