My Growth as an Observer: Observation in IAAT started with observing the simplest of things from nature around us like leaves grass etc. It was amazing to see such beautiful movement happening in them with the wind, for the first time I actually sat down to see this and it was so beautiful as it was every day. The activity where we were asked to feel like a blade of grass or a twig on the tree and look at things from that perspective helped me think from a different perspective. It was very difficult for me to listen or accept thoughts from the other person point of view, I had realized that this nonacceptance was blocking me from building long-lasting relationships and maintaining them. As soon as something did not work my way I was disappointed. I was working on my self on this when in IAAT gave me this tool and I could look from the perspective of the other. It has become fairly easy for me now to find if the point of view differs from mine. I have understood the importance of empathizing with others and their situation. This has immensely helped me to improve and make relations. I am not hesitant anymore thinking of my thoughts and ideas not being accepted. I have dropped the thought of being judged and I don’t jump to judgments towards a situation or person anymore.

Observation in the classroom looking at my mentor teacher taking classes, applying strategies of learning and teaching helped me throughout when every I am in doubt. Now in the classroom with great difficulty, I was able to look at children without putting them in compartments or judging them. When I could look at children without making judgments, like adults children too felt that they were accepted as they are. This tremendously helped me connect with most of my class children. My mentor teacher taught me not immediately react or comment on a child or his work, there is merit in silently looking at them and listening to them fully before reacting or commenting. Children feel more comfortable and accepted when they are allowed to express without judgment from adults. This, in turn, creates the connection. Observations of individual children and the class as a group help a teacher plan the lesson and learning experience better. Observation cycles as a teacher have immensely helped me grow day by day with the feedback from experienced professionals from the field.