Story Telling

Story Telling

January 27, 2018

Storytelling is one of our oldest form of expressions, right from days in early civilization man has had an innate urge to share his experiences. Stories are everywhere – in newspapers, books, on TV and the internet. Every day conversation is full of anecdotes and real life stories. Storytelling helps us understand our environment and personal experience. Storys stimulates the imagination and builds a sense of community between tellers and listeners.

Many older stories are originally traditional folktales. They represent the richness of oral patterns of telling and are the product of a community experience, as well as the art of individual storytellers. Stories are recreated by the teller at each telling and passed on through generations. Nothing beats the experience of a storytelling for bringing tales to life.

Storytelling is also a valuable tool in education, language development, therapy, and in building racial equality and religious respect.Children’s learning can be enhanced through various ways. The most effective method among them is Story Telling.

Storytelling is an art that has mental, social and educational benefits on children. People of all ages love stories. Children are great fans of stories and love to listen to them.

Storytelling has the power to communicate emotions and feelings, children experience the world in the story which motivates them to go into an imaginary world, children start thinking about the characters and events of the story even back home enhancing their thinking capacity. Children ask questions and imbibe difficult concepts easily when woven in the story. Creating Visual experirnce in the story telling in early years of language development help children to associate helping in language development and immersion in to the Language.

Storytelling introduces a lot of new vocabulary to children.  It  enhances the listening skills of children. Kids love to talk instead of listening to anything. Therefore to make them listen actively and understand the story, it must be read emotionally changing the pitch of sound according to the feelings and emotions depicted in the story. Effective body language can convey the ideas in the exact way. Stories are told in various ways, trying to give a visual experience.

Storytelling during my practice in the real classroom has thought me a lot of insights on how children learn with stories.My personal experie

nce about story telling is that children are always excited to listen to stories and they desperately wait for it. They love enactment of the story with  voice modulation. Children look forward to visuals and are always excited

to see, touch , feel and imagine the story.

Nature Stories: At Iaat in real classroomI  got an opportunity to observe Ms.Bindu Malik conductiong story telling sessions in her clasroom. She displayed a heart to heart connect with the children in her storytelling. I could not thank Bindu maam enough to inspire me to take these stories in my clasroom.The immense Joy that I have experienced was the applause aftrer every storyteling done with props. Yet another immersion that we as residants at I am a teacher was guided workshops taken by renouned story tellers like Ms.Seema Wahi who inspired me to use the stratigies shaded by them in the classroom to refine my skills of story telling.

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